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Crack Palisade Decision Tools 6.3

Palisade Decision Tools 6.3: A Review

Palisade Decision Tools is a suite of software tools for risk modeling and decision analysis in Microsoft Excel. It includes @RISK, a Monte Carlo simulation tool that allows users to quantify and manage uncertainty in their models; PrecisionTree, a decision tree tool that helps users identify optimal choices and communicate them to others; TopRank, a sensitivity analysis tool that identifies the most important factors affecting a model; NeuralTools, a neural network tool that learns from data and makes predictions; StatTools, a statistical analysis tool that replaces Excel's built-in functions with more accurate and comprehensive ones; Evolver, an optimization tool that uses genetic algorithms to solve complex problems; and RISKOptimizer, a combination of @RISK and Evolver that performs simulation optimization.

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The latest version of Palisade Decision Tools, 6.3, was released in 2020 and offers several new features and enhancements. Some of the highlights are:

  • @RISK 6.3 now supports Excel 2019 and Office 365, as well as Windows 10 and Mac OS X. It also has improved performance and stability, especially for large models and simulations.

  • PrecisionTree 6.3 has a new interface that makes it easier to create and edit decision trees. It also has new features such as logic nodes, influence diagrams, Bayesian revision, and expected value of perfect information.

  • TopRank 6.3 has a new feature called Smart Sensitivity Analysis, which automatically selects the most relevant inputs to vary based on their impact on the outputs. It also has improved charts and reports that show the results of the analysis.

  • NeuralTools 6.3 has a new feature called Live Prediction, which allows users to see the predictions of the neural network as they change the inputs in Excel. It also has improved accuracy and speed for training and testing the neural network.

  • StatTools 6.3 has a new feature called Data Health Check, which analyzes the quality and reliability of the data set and provides suggestions for improvement. It also has new statistical tests and procedures, such as ANOVA, regression, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals.

  • Evolver 6.3 has a new feature called Smart Mutation, which adapts the mutation rate of the genetic algorithm based on the progress of the optimization. It also has improved convergence and robustness for finding optimal solutions.

  • RISKOptimizer 6.3 has a new feature called Smart Search, which automatically selects the best search method for the optimization problem. It also has improved integration with @RISK and Evolver, allowing users to switch between simulation and optimization easily.

Palisade Decision Tools 6.3 is a powerful and comprehensive software suite that can help users make better decisions under uncertainty. It is widely used in various fields and industries, such as finance, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, education, and research. It is also used by many academic institutions around the world for teaching and learning risk and decision analysis. Users can download a free trial version from Palisade's website or purchase a subscription plan that suits their needs .

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