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Aloe Vera Good Time...

The renowned Aloe Vera is a miracle plant Native to North Africa and areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, aloe is one of the most common of herbal remedies. Slicing into an fresh leaf, we are provided with the remarkable clear mucilaginous gel known for soothing skin, burns and other wounds, increases healing time, and minimizes the risk of infections.

Even though Aloe is mostly know for its soothing properties, many of its healing properties are not broadly known. Not only can Aloe soothe externally but internally, helping with inflammation, swelling, and possibly lowering blood sugar levels. By lowering blood glucose levels in those with diabetes easing the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

There are over 450 species of the Aloe Barbadensis , Aloe derived from a Greek name for similar plant being cultivated for over thousands of years ago. Dioscorides, a physician on the Roman army of Nero, spoke of it in his medical compendium, De Materia Medica.

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