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Why your skin needs 8 hours of beauty sleep too

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Your body repairs itself and recovers at night. Of course most of us know skin is made up of collagen but did you know when sleeping your body produces new collagen which prevents drooping and sagging skin. As we age our bodies loses collagen, making sure we get the proper sleep is critical to plumper younger looking healthy skin.

By getting 5 hours or less constantly may lead to finer lines drier skin and dry skin makes fine lines, scar, and blemishes more visible. Our skin also loses water at night, a form of dehydration during cellular regeneration. This is also why it is key to having a nightly routine. Your products will not only work better when used nightly and in tandem with 8 hours of sleep will lead to fewer wrinkles, "brighter eyes" no dark circles, healthy hair, and the overall "Glow".

The "Glow" boosting our bodies blood circulation during the sleeping hours not only waking rejuvenated but with an more youthful overall complexation.

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