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Manscaped Kit

Manscaped Kit

The Manscaped Kit is a 3-piece set featuring our So Smooth Beard Balm, Calming Aftershave(kit exclusive), and the choice of The Mancave Natural Soy Candle or Wild Sparks Hair Growth Oil. Smell the fantastic scent of teakwood & vanilla with lingering scents of mint, cedar, and mahogany you can't resist. Male self-care is essential and our products provide great options so start your routine today. Our products also make great gift options not just for men but for anyone who wants to be a little masculine.

  • Care Instructions

    You must use our products consistently and create a routine that works for you. Our beard balm works best if applied daily, and so does our hair growth oil( a few drops on the area or apply to the entire scalp and massage gently). The aftershave, of course, is applied after shaving yet can also be used as a facial refresher for men and is not limited to just the facial areas but the entire body. Dont forget to light the mancave candle and step into your peaceful abode.

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